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Quality control

We follow the most demanding standards of quality


Calidad ISO 9001

In Fabrimotor we follow the most demanding standards of quality. We work with the instruments trustworthiest and updated to be able to offer the best product and possible service.


All our projects are supervised by our Technical Department following a rigorous quality control by means of the self-control in machine and an audit he hospitalizes. To guarantee it, our standards are certified by the ISO9001:2008.





Our equipments of control

Our department of quality has the following equipments of control:


  • - Machine of measurement for coordinated three-dimensional DEA.
  • - Machine Maag of evolventes for gears.
  • - Machine of tread Gleasson.
  • - Rugosímetros.
  • - Durómetros Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers.
  • - Profile projector.
  • - Microscope