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Machining processes

Nuestros servicios en Mecanizado de piezas
Turning pieces

Turning pieces

The lathe machining process is used for manufacturing parts of revolution.

It allows us to manufacture small tolerances and good surface finishes. Shafts, transmission shafts, bushings, wheels, crowns and pinions are pieces typically obtained by lathe machining.

Our manufacturing capability enables us to machine turned parts up to a maximum diameter of 400mm and a length of 1000mm.


Turning pieces Turning pieces Turning pieces
Milling parts Milling parts

2.1.2 Milling parts (Machining center):

With this machining process we can produce different geometries parts.

Machining centers allow more complex operations and machine heavier parts, which would not be possible in the lathes.

The maximum dimensions of parts that we manufacture are 500 x 500 x 400 mm.

We also own a machine with mobile banking.

The types of parts that we manufacture in our machining centers are:


- Automotive wheel cubes

- Gearbox for agricultural sector

- Crowns drags for naval sector

- Transmission shafts for several type of industries such as agricultural, marine, automotive


Milling parts Milling parts Milling parts

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